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Dstv Hacked App: Watch Tv For Free

by Ireoluwa Agboola
vtv hacked code

Lot of DSTV users are always for a easy way to make use of their cable, watching channel at a comfortable manner anytime, anywhere. But any step they want to take it aren’t free to you. Now we have been able to figure out a way on how to make use of it Using DSTV Hacked App. It is convenient to use.

  • How To Use Dstv Hacked App For Free
  • Download the DStv hacked app From our Telegram Channel
  • Install the app, make sure you have enable “allow installing from unknown source” on your phone
  • The app will show as VTV with V as the logo. Once you open it, do not update. Press Skip
  • The next screen shown will require an Activation code (This has the been revealed on our telegram channel, Click Here To Join)
  • After you are done filling the activation code box, click on the Activate button and an error message will pop up, notifying you that the activation code has been used, fear not! Just click on the Again button and the message will re-pop, this time click on the Cancel button and the message will disappear, then click on the Login button and wait for it to load.
  • vtv hacked code
  • Apparenetly, it will display this code has been used. click on Activate and the then, If it still display used, click it again.
  • vtv hacked error
  • Once your tv is shown, so for DSTV channels, under the search box, scroll down to DSTV and click on it. There you have all your DSTV channels all for free!

Now that you have your Tv Working. Always remember to visit the site for more update

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