Giftalworld Media Concept: How I earn thousands daily

Giftalworld is an online paying website available for all users either employed, student, unemployed, married. It is a registered e-commerce website with the number 2680874 under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Giftalworld is not mainly for Nigeria, it is for everyone in the world, as the name implies world. Everyone can partake from the offer.

giftalworld earnings

How does Giftalworld works

Being a successfully member of the website, these are the activities you do as follows;

  • Registration bonus: five hundred GAS points will add to your dashboard once you fully signup on the website. This is refers to as welcome bonus,
  • Reading News: Ten GAS points for any new you opened to read on the website,
  • Sharing News: once you share any news you have read to social media using the sharing button, two GAS point will be adds to your dashboard
  • Daily Login: Fifty GAS points will adds to your dashboard immediately you are login into your account for the first time in the day only,
  • Sharing of Sponsored post: There will only one sponsored post in a day to be shared to your social media which will add fifty GAS points to your dashboard
  • Referral Bonus: Whenever you invite someone to the website with your link, you will be given one thousand, three hundred (1300) naira as s compensation for bringing someone in for the program.
  • Optional referring: You don’t have to refer before you can withdraw or get paid from giftalworld. Referring is optional, not a must, for users,
  • Registration Fee: The amount to pay in order to become a member of giftalworld is a one time token of Two thousand (2000) naira. The fee was increased from 1700 NGN to 1800NGN, but mow 2000NGN.

Giftalworld had been paying its member since day one. I will advice you no to procrastinate again, or are you still waiting for the price to increase before you will join. Time waits for no man.

How to withdraw earnings on Giftalworld

Before you can withdraw your earnings, there is a certain threshold you must reach. As we have GAS earnings, so we have GAF earnings, available for payment.

Meanwhile, the meaning of GAS and GAF. GAS is Giftalworld Activities Earnings and GAF is Giftalworld Affiliate Program. Therfore, It has a specific time you can withdraw GAS earnings, which is every two weeks of the month while GAF earnings is paid anytime, you can withdraw anytime and get paid instantly. For GAS withdrawal you will be notified, do will by joining their Facebook group for instant updates.

How to share Sponsored Post

Sponsored post, as the name implies, it is a genuine post sponsored by the website or other advertiser. This is a must share post for all the member to their various Facebook timeline in order to receive GAS payment.

The things you need to do in order to shared sponsored post to your Facebook timeline,

  • First, make sure you are logged in, on your dashboard, click on sponsored post,
  • Click on the date of which you want to share,
  • You will notice some text and an image in the post. Save the image, I mean download the image, you will notice part of the text start with a naira sign #
  • Copy the text from wherever you see the naira sign up the last text that end on the image
  • Now, go to your Facebook profile, Click on upload post,
  • Then, add the image the image you downloaded, also paste the text you copied in the text form,
  • Meanwhile, make sure your audience is in Public not friends nor friends of friend nor others,
  • Finally, you are done, upload the post, you have successfully share sponsor post on your timeline.
  • Confirmation will be done whenever you want to get paid for GAS earnings.

In case you need practical sample to follow, watch the video below

Giftalworld Registration Process

As stated earlier, giftalworld is for the world, any one can join the moving train. Once you have your two thousand naira (2000 NGN) ready, you are good to go.

Let me explain how you will go about giftalworld registration;

  • First, click this link to go to the registration page,
  • Once the have click the link above, then click on Register when seen by the left side,
  • Thereafter, a page with registration form will display before you, fill all the necessary details, like full name, email and others
  • After, you are done filling all the necessity, we will now talk about the payment method to use.

Payment method

You will choose among which the registration payment method is suitable for you;

  • Debit/Credit Card, like you can call it ATM card;
  • Coupon code
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Giftalworld Bank Account

Debit/Credit Card

                Debit/Credit card 💳, this is also known as atm, in case you are a type good at online transactions, you got no issue about that but if you do not know about it. Let us explain, bring out your atm, you will notice some numbers both front and back of the atm. If it is debit/credit card as your payment method, Click continue using card, now it will ask CARD NUMBER, CARD EXPIRY, CVV. Card number is the sixteen digits listed on the front view of your atm card, card expiry is the date which is the month and year of two digits each on the front bottom left view of your atm example is 12/22. CVV is the three digits on the back view of your atm card. Now once you are done with those, click on pay now. It will ask for your atm card transaction pin, do so to provide that, you are secured and safe. But if you think this method is stressful, kindly check other payment method too.

Coupon Code

                Coupon code, this is a secret code generated only for the official distributor to be sold to user who wanted, it serves as an alternative for card or any other payment method. If you want one of the codes, you have to contact the official distributor. Click here to contact one.

Moreover, Ghana Coupon code vendor is also available; in person of Alex Agyei (+233548735508)

Paypal or Bitcoin

                PayPal, is a service that enable to you to send or receive payment. This can be used by foreigners like I have said earlier that giftalworld is for world. Also, the use of bitcoin, foreigners can choose which they prefer. They also get for their activities for which they prefer.

Giftalworld Bank Account

                Giftalworld Bank Account, making use of the website account instead. You can do that but registering, do not choose any payment method. On you click on register. Make your payment to 0070170785



You can decide which of the payment method to make use of for your registration.

Summary of Giftalworld registration

Click this link, after it loads, click on register,

Fill the necessary details,

Choose your desire payment method

Register your account.

Happy Earnings

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