by Ireoluwa Agboola
Chipper Cash referral link

Chipper Cash is a new offer which enables user to transfer In Africa. They launched a referral program, this program is what we will involve in. You earn 250 Naria per any one you bring into the system. You can withdraw this free money to your local bank account with a click of a button, read on to find out how to grab yours ASAP.


Chipper is the first and only platform in Africa that allows you to send send and receive money anyway in Africa.

Therefore, with chipper sending money over here in Africa becomes borderless, as you can send and receives money from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, and more African Countries.


How to register and Earn from Chipper program

Full details on how to register and earn from chipper cash

  1. Download the app using this link.

    First Download the Chipper cash app from here and join the promotion, note that the app is available for both Android and IOS(iPhone) devices

  2. Download from Google playstore or Apple Store

    Download the app from app store, once you have successfully installed the app. Make sure you use the link to open the app inorder to also earn your 250 naira bonus too.

  3. Fill the necessary forms

    Once the app is opened, sign up with your details, mobile phone number, email, name, etc. A link will be sent to your email, click on it to verify your email.

  4. Get Verified

    Befite you start earning you need to get Verified. This is to prove you are a true citizen and not spammer. Click on the profile section and scroll down.

  5. Process to verify

    Click on start Verification, the app will automatically open your phone’s camera. You will now need to Snap any of your verification document(voter card, National ID, Drivers license, International Passport) any of them can serve.

  6. Doing the visual process

    Then snap Yourself holding the ID, and submit, its adviced that you take these photos in the day time to avert rejection.
    Note that it can take up to 2 working days for your account to get verified as soon it does you will be rewarded with N250, or 5ghc if you in Ghana, which you can withdraw immediately

  7. Program availablilty

    Chipper Cash is available all over Africa. So you can refer your friends based in Zimbabwe and the rest.

  8. Process to start Earning up to 25,000

    You can get your link once you are verified by inviting your friends. Click on earn button

How to withdraw Money from Chipper Cash

It wouldn’t make sense if you earn all this money without knowing how to withdraw them to your local bank account, so here is how you can do that.

  • Click on profile, then Cash out
  • Then Select the bank account you wish to send the money to
  • Type the amount you want to send, add your bank account and forward the money.
  • That’s it, Transaction successful.

That’s it, you have successfully withdrawn your chipper cash money to your bank account

Enjoy, Do well to share with friends via any of the Share buttons below.

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