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LOVERWAYS Review & How to register

by Ireoluwa Agboola

Have you been in a good experience with your partner and you could share the secret to the world. Check out loverways quickly. There are a lot of experience you could have, do you know you could earn from it easily. Check this out right now.

  • What is Loverways?
  • How does Loverways works?
  • Does Loversways pay without referral?
  • How do I register for Loverways?
  • When do Loverways pay her member?


It is another amazing platform in which you can share your experience about relationship, how it has been with your partner and post to earn from it.
Get notified that the one time registration fee for Loverways is a token of #2000

How to Make Money

You need to read slowly and carefully. There are just three ways of earning from Loverways, which are as follows

  1. Way 1: You earn #300 per article you write
    You and cash out by writing articles for them. (#300 per article): That is #3000 everyday for  10 articles and #90000 every month by writing article for them about relationship
  2. Way 2: Direct earning through referral of #1000 per person
    You earn 50% (#1000) direct referral commission when you introduce your friends and family to join the platform and earn from it.
  3. Way 3: Indirect earning of #500
    You earn 25% (#500) indirect referral commission. this means if the person you referred also refer someone, you will earn 25% from it, is this not cool. this is just as if to refer some and sleep while they work for you too.Therefore, you cash out your earnings without referral as well.
    Do not forget you can write to earn #300 from each article about relationship.

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    Does Loverways Pay without Referral?

    I know some of you will have been eager to know if Loverways pays without referral. Loversways truly pays without referral, once you reached your minimum threshold.

    How to Withdraw Your Earnings

    When you earn #3000, you withdraw it straight to your bank account.You fill the withdrawal form then you get noted down. They pays every monday.
    So you could start a new week with some money at hand

    Registration Guide: Step by Step to Register

    Remember, my 25%(NGN1500) discount is still on, you can contact me on whatsapp for that.
    So follow the tutorial below on how to register.
    Note: You need to Pay the registration fee, and which is NGN2000 to gain access and make money.
    STEP 1: Click here to the website
    This will take you to the Registration Page.
    STEP 2: Fill all the necessary information carefully and correctly. Information like full name, email address, phone number, username.
    Note: Make sure you use MEMBER in the referral username, in order to support us. 
    STEP 3: Now this is the monetary part.
    This is when you will decide if you to use coupon code or pay with your debit/credit (ATM) card.

    METHOD ONE: Using Coupon code.
    Coupon code means using a logical code in place of the registration fee. This coupon code is used during the reg.
    Check the image below 👇

    loverways reg amount
    Sample payment of loversways

    A sample of coupon code looks like this (ueno-ahfw-meqt). So this means you need a coupon code before you can register.

    METHOD TWO: Using Debit/Credit (ATM) card
    This is when you choose to use your atm card to make the payment. (note using your ATM won’t give you access to my 25% discount).
    After following till Step 2. CLICK ON PLACE ORDER. You can easily continue from there. If you don’t know how to use ATM card for the reg, I will advise you to use COUPON CODE.

    You can message me directly, contact me on Whatsapp
    Contact me for 25% discount now 
    I hope you have understand how loverways works and you could visit the website to aid you in your relationship.

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