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Mypay247 Scam or legit Review

by Ireoluwa Agboola

Mypay247 is purely a Ponzi scheme. It was launched early this month, June. it is simply a peer to peer payment. As claimed, It is a non profit charitable platform dedicated to the growth and development of its people.

How Mypay247 claims to work

It is member to member donation platform where participants donate and receive money willingly to one another. The process includes

  • Register : Free of charge
  • Choose: The amount you can afford to donate
  • Login : To get started
  • Donate : Choose the beneficiary you want to donate to
  • Wait : You then wait for system to look for donor on your behalf
  • Promote : Using social media

Basically, It is a give to collect in double folds. Just like saying I give Samuel so that Peter and John can give me. We all collect from new donators.


How to Register Account Quickly

Use the Link (Click Here) to get to the reg page

reg page mypay247

Fill the necessary details needed and continue as explained on how it works.

Conclusion, Have it in mind that Mypay247 is a ponzi scheme but currently paying

  • It can stop paying anytime.
  • It is just a risk platform.
  • The more it stays, the more it get risky and can close down anytime.
  • Don’t be greedy so you wont regret later.

I much hope the review can help you. Take risk carefully

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