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Naijaloan Review; Legit Or Scam, How It Works

by Ireoluwa Agboola
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Naijaloan is lending platform website aiming to help people in making money online. This post is generally about what is naijaloan, how it works, is it scam or legit, how to earn.

Presently, some people have been promoting naijaloan and some are asking if it is real or scam.

What is Naijaloan

Naijaloan was launched on 21st of March 2020. Naijaloan was created to help people financially to make money online. It is like a lo=ending platform, where all member are also a lender and borrower.  As per the objective of the platform, which is to use N1000 to make up to N12000.

How Naijaloan Works

It works like an intermediary that connect one user to another.  It is based on levels which are;

Level 1

Level 1 is basically the first level all new member will attain after they pay N1000 as the first payment to the website. Paying N1000 to get N5000 withing a day. You can withdraw and upgrade to the next level, Level 2

Level 2

Paying N5000 to earn N10000 in 2 days which is also withdraw-able or used to upgrade to level 3.

Level 3

In order to make use of level 3, you need to deposit N10000 to make N20000 in 4 days.

Level 4

N20000 to make #40000 in just 6 days. The earnings can be withdrawn or used to upgrade to the next level.

Level 5

This level you will N40000 to make N80000 in 10 days. Which is also used to upgrade to the last level.

Level 6

This is the last level. This level need a deposit of N80000 to make N120000 in 10 days. The level you can withdraw all your earnings and have to restart from the first level.

naijaloan levels

How To Register Naijaloan Account

 To successfully register an account on Naijaloan, You will have to pay N1000 for the first level. To register.

  1. Make use of the link to visit the website. Scroll Down and press Join Naijaloan.
  2. Fill your details e.g name, email, phone number.
  3. Proceed and move to the next stage where you finish the registration.
Naijloan registreage page

Is Naijaloan Legit Or Scam

When you want to upgrade to level 1 there is an orange button. Under the button you will find the following: “one referal needed for withdraw”. Then above they wrote: “give N1000 loan and receive N5000 in one day”

Naijaloan Not Following Their Statement

But after you have pay your upline you will see a withdraw button under transactions. At the top left of your account which was N0.00 before you can now see N5000 is reflecting there (in your main balance and not affiliate balance). So when you click withdraw button you are redirected to a page that says some jargon. That you must refer 5 persons (five persons) before you can withdraw

Problem With Upline When Introducing Naijalaon

Uplines themselves are so heartless and evil. Because they are so desperate for your money they can say (or do anything). My upline didn’t specify the number of downlines I would bring after I called him/her to ask. Even after I told him/her that I was sceptical. How was I to know it was five then? Or I would have laid emphasis on the number when asking

All Payment Not Done On The Website

Another is that all payments to uplines are made outside their website. That is you transfer money directly with your phone and not through Interswitch or the likes. Why then do they keep making it look like everything is online. Naijaloan even said you will earn 15% commission on every referral (but that referral balance is different from actual balance)

Platform Statistics

Again if you look at their platform statistics you will just know thieir website can never function normally. Almost every body is on level 1 or level 0. After going through the platform statistics, I was no longer surprised why all the latest payments updates were N1000.

  • Awaiting: 4,420 members
  • Level 1: 2,557 members,
  • Level 2: 9 members,
  • Level 3: 2 members,
  • Level 4: 0 members,
  • Level 5: 0 members,
  • Level 6: 0 members

In Conclusion

From what I have seen member witness. I can say it is a risk registering Naijaloan. Actually, it is still paying but we can’t say about later. It actually looks like a perfected scam

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