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Starfliix Review: How it works and make easy money

by Ireoluwa Agboola
Starfliix Platfrom

Starfliix is a blog designed by well-oriented and experienced forex, cryptocurrency trader, and Affiliate marketer to educate the youth and civil servants with their resources, knowledge on how to use the internet to generate a passive income of up to N100k to N300k.

Starfliix Platform

Who is the owner of the platform?

The owner of this great platform, starfliix who is in person of, Tijani Adejumo. With his passion for helping the youth, he created this avenue so other people can partake and enjoy from it.

How Does Starfliix work

This platform is very clear, easy and simple as follows;

  • Signup Bonus gives N1000
  • Reading of News 10
  • Sponsored Post 200
  • Daily Login 100
  • Every Invitee you bring in earns you N1200

Easy Steps To Register Starfliix Account Quickly

Starfliix registration costs only a one-time fee of N2000. You must have been thinking about how you can register easily to start earning.

How Do I Sign Up On Starfliix?

  1. Visit The Registration Page Using The Link
  2. Apply your coupon code ( To get one, Message Me Now)
  3. Fill in the necessary info, your name, email and others
  4. Click on Sign Up
Starfliix Registration Page

What is Coupon Code?

Promotional codes are alphanumeric strings that online stores offer to encourage purchases on their website and are typically associated with an overarching promotional marketing strategy. The discount associated with a promo code can apply to individual products or an entire order. Read more here

How to Withdraw Your Earnings From Account

Once you have the minimum threshold, you can then proceed to withdraw your money from starfliix to chop life, the way most Nigerian does. lol. You are good to go.


I am personally running a discount fee (N2000 N1800) for registration as per the new product. Rush and Message Me On Whatsapp Now, Contact IREOLUWA

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