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vova payment proof

What is VOVA?

Vova is an online shopping mall featuring millions of high-quality budget- product that are easy on your budget. They bring you the best deals and deepest discount.

How to Earn on VOVA

The real story of today is how to earn from vova. They launched a referral program in which users claims Paypal earnings.

What is needed to earn from VOVA app

  • Smartphones
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Vova apk
  • Paypal account

How to get started

How to register Vova and earn from it

  1. Follow the link by Clicking here

  2. You will be redirected to the Vova homepage as shown below

    vova mobile reg link

  3. Click on GET NOW, this will redirect you to playstore as shown below

  4. Once you finish downloading it. Come back to this website and use link on website here to open the app.

  5. Use the link so that you can also be rewarded

    If you don’t want to lose the start bonus, get your browser to be in desktop mode

  6. Click the link again,

    You will see something like the image below, fill in your details.
    Download the VoVa app from playstore VOVA DESKTOP MODE

  7. Opening the App

    Open the app, once you have download it, you will be asked about your gender. Proceed you will get to the app homepage, click on the ME button by the bottom right corner of the app. vova app reg page

  8. Get Signed up

    Click on sign in. if you use that desktop mode method, you can sign it straight with your details.
    But if you use the method of using the link to open the app, as you click on the sign in button, find a way to register and get your account vova app sign in

Managing the account

Once you are done, you will be rewarded with 50 coins. Go back to that ME sections, click on FREEBIES. If you need your referral link, Click on GET CRYSTALS. Boom start referring your friends and withdraw softly.

Payment Proof below

vova payment proof

NOTE: This referral Stuff is for limited time, start now

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