What is Giftalworld & How to Register


Trending in the world now, most people want to make money but some are not ready to take the sacrifice. Well, Giftalworld has been up for months and has been paying her users amazingly. For your information, I can boast that it is only this platform I  have earn much from.


  • What is Giftalworld?
  • How to register for Giftalworld
  • Is Giftalworld Legit or Not?
  • How does Gifalworld Pays?
  • Do Giftalworld Pays without Referrals(Non-referral)?
  • How to login on Giftalworld
  • How to share sponsor post

Let us go straight to the point why we are here today. Read carefully through this post.

What is Giftalworld Earnings Program

Concept of Giftalworld

I know you must have been seeing alot of Online Income that may have or not pay you. For GIFTALWORLD, it pays its users for  the work they have earned for. Giftalworld is being sincere with thier user when to be paid, how to be paid, and the process on the payment.

Giftal Media Concept

Giftal media concept was created as at October 26th, 2018 amd still existing and paying till date by a Nigeria Blogger named Raji Ibrahim (Ebright)
It was labeled under the legal protection of GIFTALWORLD TECHNOLOGIES.It is registered under CAC[Cooperate Affairs Commission] and with RCN2680874. A proficient Online Business.

Giftalworld Public Search

How to Earn

As a register user, I mean recognized use, lol, I mean the ones that have paid their registration fee on this GIFTALWORLD EARNINGS OPPORTUNITY.
These are the ways to earn in the system whch is listed and explained subsequently.

  • You earn 500 GAS bonus Immediately when you have successfully register your account. This fund will automatically show on your dashboard. This is the first bonus you will receive as an appreciation for registering on the platform.
  • daily login gives 50 GAS points . This reflect whenever you login at first on the platform daily. If you do not receive this daily, make sure you logout and login again.
  • You earn 10 GAS points whenever you able to view pages or post on the Giftal world platform,
  • sharing post on the website to any of the social media platform earn  you 2 GAS points e.g Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc.
  • daily sponsored post will  earn you 50 GAS points, which is shared you to your social media handle(Facebook) for that day. To do that, you have to login to your account and Click in SPONSOR POST and follow the instructions there. You can check along the list go also get guide about sharing of sponsor post.
  • An appreciation bonus is here for you, where you earn #1300(72.3%) allocated earnings, when you refer just one person, this is unlimited for you, you can refer as many as you have ever wanted.
  • Do not tell me with all hese methods listed above to earn, and you can not make money when you become a member of this platform.

NOTE: Whenever you reach the minimum threshold which is for GAF when you just need at least 2600 in order to be eligible for withdrawal.

Giftalworld Existence

hope you know GIFTALWORLD has come to stay and we are doing all possible assurance to make the website substanable and continual for international user. You heard international right? Lol. Giftalworld is not only for Nigerians, it is global now.
Giftalworld is the first Affiliate Marketing Platform in Nigeria to pay International user and the first to pay #1300 as Affiliate Commission.

Do I need Referrals before I can get paid?

I know in a way or the other, this question must have pop up in your mind. Yeah, you do not need referral at all to get paid on this platform. Referral is optional. But do not be a selfish fellow, you can also invite your family and friends to also benefit from this.
Payment Testimonies from ember of the platform.

Using just 1800 reg fee
Giftalworld alerts

What is the Registration Cost?

You only need a one time registration fee of #1800 which there is assurance of you getting paid as stated that they pay non-referral.

How to Register on Giftalworld

There are three(3) different ways of registering on Giftalworld quickly.

  1. Using Coupon code
  2. Using ATM
  3. Paying to the official Giftalworld account

Coupon code

Coupon code is a generated code that is been sold by coupon code distributor official,to get a Coupon code from them. You have to pay to any of the distributor account. Which they will pay they send your code to you instantly as they receive your payment.
CLICK here to know how to register using coupon code

Using ATM

Now if you have decide to use ATM to register your account. Make sure your ATM is enabled for online transaction. This is the fastest method only if you are sure your atm is enabled for online transaction.

CLICK here to know who to register for Giftalworld using ATM

Paying to the official Giftalworld Account

  1. Firstly, CLICK this link to Giftalworld Registration Page,
  2. You will see a button displayed o the your screen [Login and Register], you simply click on Register. Once you click on Register, the registration page will display on your screen,
  3. Fill all the necessary details like Full name, Email, Phone number, Username (that is your own username you want to be using for your login),
  4. In case you see the option for Referral Username, Kindly make sure you input IREOLUWA. Thanks in advance.
  5. Make sure you tick and accept the terms and conditions of Giftalworld
  6. Finally, Click on “PLACE ORDER
  7. Now you can send the message the admin in charge of the registration using Giftalworld account.

Send the total amount of 1800NGN to the official account
Message the admin, and forward your proof of payment and also your full name, email, and username you inputted when registering.
Once your payment is confirmed, you will be approved instantly.
Thats all

How to share sponsor post

Go to your dashboard, click on sponsored post of the day you want to share sponsor post  then Download the images of
sponsored post for that day, copy the Text and
hashtag then post on your Facebook Timeline.
You can watch the video below 👇 to know more.


After login in,scroll to the top of the page,Click on
the Three lined button by your right,click it.A
menu will pop up,then Click on Dashboard
page.The dashboard page is where all your
earning are being showed.

The concept is, do your work on Giftalworld and get paid for work. Deal Done.
Thanks for Choosing Giftalworld. One Love One Giftalworld.



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